Nobody Releases Alt-Pop Single ‘Daydreamer’

Nobody is the latest alt-pop starlet to grace our ears, and she does not disappoint with her new release, ‘Daydreamer‘.

From the outset, Nobody knows too well how to get the ears gripping, and her approach proves contagious as the track progresses. Furthermore, ‘Daydreamer‘ opens with a spacious soundscape with the synth radiating around the mix. Likewise, Nobody delivers in style with a vocal that is not dissimilar to some of the greatest names already popping in the scene.

Her message is prevalent, and Nobody speaks about getting lost in a daydream. Also, she provides optimism with a story about somebody who is looking for brighter days; her narrative hits home. Similarly, her clever wordplay is inspirational. She speaks about the eyes seeing sights which they have never been to; it is a method that the most prolific leaders have been using for years, and Nobody taps into her inner belief system here.

Musically, the track is interesting and it often takes many turns with new sounds rising out of the compound. Furthermore, as it progresses, the energy picks up, and the foundational elements become more intense. The drums hit with a clever structure, and the ethereal backing melodies glisten like bright stars in the night sky.

As the title says, ‘Daydreamer‘ is the ideal track for reflection. It also brings a new vibe to the indie forefront, which is refreshing given the number of releases that follow a similar route. Top work, Nobody!

Listen here.

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