Instant Curtain

Instant Curtain Open A New Chapter With ‘Reverse In The Sand’

Instant Curtain bring the relaxed rock vibe with their new release, ‘Reverse In The Sand‘.

The band who reside in Italy open a new chapter for the genre here while also taking a hint from the greats. Furthermore, ‘Reverse in The Sand‘ opens with an unconventional overture with many sounds leaping out of the mix. The opening sounds come at once, but it works well, and although the arrangements are somewhat conflicting, they paint a unique soundscape; it is refreshing to see a band trying something new.

Vocally, lead singer Massimo Gerini delights with his vocal tone gliding through the airwaves with harmonically rich flavour. He has an approach that is not dissimilar to many vocalists who rose out of the 60s era. Furthermore, he has a glowing quality, with his notes often adding warmth to the track.

Musically, where do we start? It boasts an eclectic range of sounds as it progresses, and cleverly, it does not stick to one pattern. As a result, the track heads off down a new route in the midsection. But, it does rapidly return to the opening groove. It is enjoyable to witness them changing the structure, and it flows well even when it feels that they glue many tracks into one.

Instant Curtain’s closing passage unleashes a new rhythm, with the guitarist drenching the mix with an infectious solo performance. Also, the drums match the model with irregular beats and hits, which sets the mix apart in the modern scene.

Overall, ‘Reverse In The Sand‘ is a testament to the bands quality as musicians. They do not conform to the status quo, and their vision pays off with distinction. But will it be enough to send them to the top of the echelon? Only time will tell, but this track certainly gives them a strong foundation.

Listen here.

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