Breeze Redwine

Breeze Redwine Releases ‘Money’

Fresher than a pack of mints, Breeze Redwine leaps out of the UK country-pop scene and smashes her way forward with ‘Money‘.

It is a track that starts with an American rock sounding guitar amp, and it instantly gets the groove in motion. The drums quickly bolster the mix and add to the swaying cadence which the foundation provides. Breeze Redwine does not hang around either, reaching for the microphone in quick succession. She sings a message that is not all too familiar, given the number of tracks that boast about the lavish lifestyle.

Furthermore, she is not bothered about the riches. Her passion is her music. Also, she enjoys living life to the fullest regardless of how much she has in her purse; good on her! We need more people like that in the world.

Breeze Redwine’s vocals are red hot from the outset, with her confidence blossoming as she progresses through her performance. However, a little more harmonies panned left and right may have been advantageous to give it more of a stereo soundscape, especially since the vocals are pretty much central for the most part.

Musically, the track is a radiant beam that shines brighter than a star on a clear evening. The guitar picks us up and does not let go with its edgy, rhythmic quality. Also, the bass fastens the mix together like an adhesive. Similarly, the drumbeat often stops and starts, which eliminates any predictability from forming.

Listen here.

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