Thomas Cole

Thomas Cole Gets The Body Pumping With ‘Execute The Vision’

‘Execute The Vision’ by Thomas Cole is one of those tracks which instantly gets the heart pumping. As a result, it is the ideal electronic pop gem for anyone looking for an energy rush!

Thomas is not new to the scene, and he has a string of hit releases already under his belt. So much so, his experience accrued over the years is paying off. Furthermore, he gives the bigger hits in the pop game a genuine for their money with his vocals gliding through the airwaves with flare on this one.

Vocally, Thomas is on point with his vision coming to life as the track unfolds. Moreover, he is a visionary, and he leaks confidence from the get-go. Thomas also recruits producer, Electropoint for this release and between them, they smash through the games barrier with a sound that even the sternest will struggle not to enjoy.

Influenced by the likes of The Weeknd and Gaga, Thomas takes a hint, and he fuses what he loves most about modern pop into a blender of his own. Combined with his unique vocal prowess and Electropoint’s infectious electronic flow, they unleash a dance anthem.

Also, the message is poignant for anybody who is striving for the best life. Moreover, Thomas influences us to chase our aspirations instead of sitting and daydreaming about our most desired reality.

Overall, ‘Execute The Vision‘ can do little wrong, and it brings a new fresh quality to the electronic pop scene.

Listen here.

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