Age Of Destitute

Age Of Destitute Unleash ‘Voiceless’

Voiceless‘ by Age Of Destitute is the soft rock gem that instantly pulls us in with its flavoursome guitar texture opener. It has a serene intro, and it leads the way forward seamlessly.

Tender yet with energy, lead singer Rez rises to the top of the mix with a smooth and dreamy vocal performance. He sings passionately about the reality of modern life and society. He is compelling, and his influential wordplay leaves us hooked.

The chorus picks up in the momentum, and the drums hit with sharp bite as you would expect given this type of track. However, post-refrain, a guitar solo greets us, and it showcases the skill the group have on the six-string. Like the vocal, the guitar boasts an ethereal flavour, and it guides the way to yet another captivating verse from frontman Rez.

His message becomes more profound as the track progresses, and he cements his message, often talking about spiritual subjects. Yet, that is no surprise, given the often eerie sounds which rise out of the mix.

Towards the closing stages, the track truly comes to life, and the guitars add even more flair to the soundscape. Additionally, the anthemic drums hit with even more vigour, leaving us itching for more once the tracks come to the final passage.

Overall, ‘Voiceless‘ by Age Of Destitute is one of those timeless tracks which appears to get better with every playthrough. But will it be enough to send the group rising to the top? Only time will tell.

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