Final Void

Final Void Go Hard With ‘Symphony Of Lies’

Symphony Of Lies‘ by Final Void is a hard rock gem that bolsters the band’s name in the rock realms. It is from their album, ‘Visions Of Fear‘, and it is just one of the tracks which stands out like the proverbial thumb.

Fearless musically, the band pull us in, and they do not let go with their rhythms leaking energy that is needed now more than ever before, given the turmoil of modern society. It all gets underway with an influential drum fill before delving deep into a booming rock soundscape. However, the drum dips off slightly, and they start to lose emphasis in the mix once the guitar arrives. Nevertheless, they do get back to business in the refrain when all members of the group blaze with glory.

The guitar is crunchy, and it is a critical element that drives the track forward. Likewise, frontman Tuomas leads the route, and he picks us up and takes us on an adventure with his stimulating wordplay. Vocally, he matches the musical vibe seamlessly with his rough textures giving the track even more edge. However, a bit more backing harmonies in places could have been advantageous given that the vocals rarely delve into the stereo space, often staying central for the entirety.

The guitar solo from Toni Hangasmäki gets even more breathing space in the closing stage, and it rips the mix with its biting tone. Also, it provides us with one of the colossal rock finales to rise out of the scene in recent times.

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