Charmian Devi

Charmian Devi Stands Out With ‘Radio Of None’

Charmian Devi gets deep with her new release, ‘Radio Of None‘ and she showcases her storytelling ability and potent singing prowess. ‘Radio Of None’ is a mesmerising piece with the singer recruiting a star-studded list of musicians; the star quality shines!

Unorthodox with her singing approach, Charmian stands out like a thumb but for all the right reasons. Furthermore, she has a unique tone, and she articulates with meaning, often coming across dramatic at times, yet it is memorable and adds to the flavoursome sound. Also, Charmian expresses a story about dreaming and feeling distant from the world outside.

The guitar is by Lenny Kaye, and he proves to have the golden touch with his tones gliding through the airwaves with vigour. Likewise, Bob Dylan’s bassist, Tony Garnier, brings a cool edge to the track and bolsters the soundscape from the get-go. As does the drum rhythm from Steve Shelley, which gives the track the sturdy foundation it craves. Nevertheless, the excitement does not stop there with Brian Marsella providing the mix with his signature quality, and he electrifies with his organ sounds giving the track extra flair.

Overall, ‘Radio Of None‘ brings something new to the forefront of the alt-rock genre. However, it does not stay a million miles away from the greats in the game already. As a result, it does not reinvent the wheel but adds to the already robust infrastructure which the elite have set previously.

Listen here.

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