Kingdumb Releases New Track ‘JDM’

Kingdumb is the force sending off like a rocket with his new release ‘JDM‘. It is a cleverly written release with an unpredictable flow that is instantly gravitating.

Taking hints from Asia, Kingdumb creates an unorthodox sound of his own, and it pays off with him filling a niche in the industry. Furthermore, in recent times, Asian sounds are becoming more popular, with K-POP also dominating the global charts. But, it is not every day a British artist delves into the market. It is refreshing, and he paves the way forward with a unique style.

Vocally, Kingdumb is as radiant as they come with his energy leaking out from the get-go. He raps with a style that is not all too common, but he has a close similarity to Example and Professor Green. Nevertheless, he keeps his signature uniqueness at the top of his deliveries, and he regularly switches up his style, which is spurring. Although he does not express a message of enormous relevance, he talks about Japanese cars; he still gets the listener thinking intently to his bright puns.

Overall, ‘JDM‘ is a top track by a leading artist. However, still relatively new on the scene, he will need even more hits like this one to keep pushing him further forward. However, given that he is taking a distinct approach and is covering an area of the industry less walked, he should be on an excellent footing to leap onward.

Listen here.

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