Glitch Project

Glitch Project Shine With ‘Bloom’

Glitch Project are taking the alt-pop realms by storm with their latest delivery, ‘Bloom‘. The track is the first from the Italian duo in 2021, and it is a reflection of their experiences of life thus far.

Bloom‘ starts with a fearless rising synth overture which boasts a modulated texture ahead of a mesmerising vocal delivery from the duo. Vocally, the two-piece take a giant leap in the right direction with their rich tones gratifying the ears with harmonious flavour. Likewise, the musical accompaniment on display proves that the ladies are not afraid to try something new, often delving into a space of their own; rarely walked in modern times.

Once the track hits the melting point in the midsection, the guitars open up the soundscape; they synergise seamlessly with the vocal hooks, which are infectiously charming. Also, post-refrain the myriad of sounds that appear, take a step back, allowing the drums and vocals to get the airtime they crave. But, they rise once again, and the mixture of styles captivate, creating a hybrid in its own right.

Towards the closing stages, Glitch Project become even more influential. Here, they leverage their prowess with their narrative maturing and becoming more profound. It is here where the true magic occurs with the lyrical direction creating a thought-provoking indent. However, a bit more backing harmonies in places could have been advantageous; mainly to differentiate each section and add to the stereo feel the music provides.

Listen here.

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