Mike Brew

Mike Brew Releases ‘Somedays’

Liverpool based singer-songwriter, Mike Brew, is gripping the music realms to his every note with his new release, ‘Somedays‘. The track is a crossbreed of many styles, and it brings a fresh aura to the forefront of contemporary audio.

Somedays‘ kicks off with a soothing guitar rhythm that leaks summer feel-good. Mike then suddenly reaches for the microphone, and he delivers a mesmerising vocal performance singing about life and the future. Again, he is prevalent with his narrative, and although he showcases vulnerability within his wordplay, he bolsters his confidence with his impressive tones.

The track comes to light in the refrain, with the drums hitting with infectious cadence. Likewise, the piano adds even more sentiment to the compound with a warm touch, challenging to refuse. Also, within the chorus, backing vocalist Steph adds weight to the already full vocal soundscape, and she brings a fresh layer to the mix; it is compelling.

As the track progresses, the power becomes more widespread, with all the instruments synergising as it reaches the finale. Additionally, arising out of the mix is a string accompaniment, and it pierces the heartstrings with its heavenly timbre.

In the outro, the guitars find a new lease of life, and they rip through the speakers ahead of a smash-hit closing performance from Mike and Steph. Between them, they leave an indent, and it pulls us back in for another fix, time and time again.

Listen here.

Also, you can visit Mike Brew on Instagram.

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