Calboa Delights With New Single ‘Old Flame’

Calboa, an indie rocker from Hull, is spreading his wings with his new single, ‘Old Flame‘. This singer-songwriter is well-versed in indie music, and his latest track demonstrates that he is a force to be reckoned with in the genre. He not only propels himself forward, but he also leaves an indent that is difficult to remove, not that you’d want to.

Old Flame‘ is an indie delight for everyone looking for a good time. It begins with a guitar lead that is very standard in the indie realm, but it sparkles. It’s lively, and the beat behind it gives this new aura even more weight.

Calboa sings with sincerity in the verse, and he continues in this vein throughout the song. I like how his voice sounds different from anything else I hear right now. He’s also added a new vocal effect that isn’t always noticeable. The chorus is the song’s leading hook, with Calboa’s motivating singing bringing his melody to the forefront of the mix. He speaks for the generation in the same way that Pete Doherty did for The Libertines. The hook is powerful, and it’s more melodic than his last songs, with a lengthy vocal floating across the airways.

Calboa delivers a powerful performance on this track. He sings about a topic that is important to him, and his lyrics are profound. He’s also showing no signs of slowing down, with each new release propelling him to new heights. Will his upcoming songs, however, be in the same vein?

You can watch the video here.

Also, you can visit Calboa on Instagram.

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