Thomas Atlas

Thomas Atlas Has The ‘Juice’

With his new indie-funk release, ‘Juice‘, Thomas Atlas is the buzz of the town.

Thomas, a Birmingham native, soars to new heights vocally, giving the most influential names in funk a fight for their money. Also, he has a certain quality that stands out, and he smashes his way through his act with assurance.

Lyrically, the song overlooks the present world’s madness and instead delivers joy and hope, which is essential in these uncertain times. So much so that it makes you feel lovely, and it’s hard not to be optimistic as the nail-biting hooks shake off the doom and gloom of modern civilization.

The music provides a solid basis for ‘Juice‘, and it takes centre stage. It’s not straight out of the box, and each instrument takes a tremendous step forward. The guitar is a joy to play, and its warm tone is seductive. Likewise, the beat’s rhythm shatters the barriers. It has a robust feel to it, and it pairs well with the meaty bass, which rattles the speakers in all the right ways.

The supporting band’s talent shines through in the latter. The ending guitar is terrific, and Thomas‘ final refrain, with him leaving the replay button open to a hammering, solidifies his reputation.

Overall, Thomas‘ ‘Juice‘ is a winner. He uses his power for good, and he digs deep to create a distinctive sound for everyone to appreciate. Yes, even non-funk fans will enjoy this one because it has something for everyone.

You can listen to ‘Juicehere.

Also, you can visit Thomas Atlas on Instagram.

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