Jennifer Porter

Jennifer Porter Emerges With New Release ‘Sun Come And Shine’

Jennifer Porter, a blues-rock singer from Maine, has released a new single called ‘Sun Come And Shine‘. The song is off her new album of the same name, and it’s just one of the many highlights on the album.

A strong drum rhythm kicks off the album, and it immediately stands out as star material. However, given that legend Bernard Purdie lays the groundwork, this is unsurprising. We also hear a sax lead from Tom Tinko in the intro, while Blood Sweet And TearsSteve Jankowski adds a new depth with his impeccable trumpet quality.

Jennifer jumps forward to the microphone shortly after the musical start, and she does not mess around with her vocal skills coming through. She has a scorching voice, and as she proceeds through her delivery, her exquisite vocal register gets the airtime it craves. Jennifer does not want to get left behind like she was by her previous partner. Her message is important to her, and it’s easy to sense the emotion in her moving storey. A gospel backing contributes to harmony, and an ethereal flavour accompanies her lead.

As the song progresses, we hear various noises that draw us in closer to the creation. Furthermore, the tune is held together by a groovy bass groove. Also, as it develops to the concluding portion, which has a piano lead that steals the show, the structure leaks excitement with no original energy wasted.

You can check out a preview of the release here.

Also, you can visit Jennifer Porter on Facebook.

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