780 Masochist

780 Masochist Reflects With ‘Memories’

780 Masochist returns with a bang, delivering the 2021 treasure that many have been waiting for in quite some time. He combines various styles into one, resulting in a hybrid soundscape unlike any other in the modern game.

A synth lead pulses its way forward at first, finally colliding with 780 Masochist’s powerful vocal. The modern rapper, who hails from Canada, adds something new to the avant-garde. Furthermore, he alters his approach, and his style sticks out for all the right reasons, like the proverbial thumb.

The music is also powerful, emanating through the airwaves with a dreamlike breath. The beat changes frequently, adding dimension to the tune, and the foundation grips the ears like a biker’s glove. In addition, as the music progresses, new sounds emerge, and the synth heard, in the beginning, takes on a more prominent role in the middle section, leaping out with distinction.

He is giving a direct message about not dwelling on the past. 780 Masochist states that there is no way to change what has already happened. However, he does talk about influencing the future and learning from the past to create a better one. His message is profound, and the courageous musical push backs up the profundity of his words.

Overall, ‘Memories‘ is spot on, and it paves the stage for 780 Masochist to bash his way through 2021 with even more ferocity.

You can check out the ‘Memories‘ by 780 Masochist by clicking here.

Also, you can visit 780 Masochist on his official Instagram account here.

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