The Mad Game

The Mad Game Release Exhilarating ‘Funny’

The Mad Game’s new single, ‘Funny,’ is both insane and exhilarating. The electronic duo’s new tune is immediately attractive with a movement that is impossible not to join as it evolves.

In the overture, a rising synth whirls around alongside a gripping beat rhythm, and the lyrics ‘So, what do you want to do?’ echoes out of the mix before the duo deliver a powerful vocal performance. The opening lyric is a vital aspect of the tune since it conveys a free spirit. The music continues this idea with an independent route that is both exciting and unusual from the music industry norms.

The music is a great selling point for the group, which they use to their advantage as the song proceeds. The vocals are as thrilling, but the jewels shine brighter within the musical foundation. Moreover, the duo is experimental with their sound, adding many hooks, which turns the tune into a hit.

The hips shake to the flow; the beat is infectious, leading to one of the essential electronic bridges in recent history. Furthermore, around 2 minutes into the track, it achieves the melting point, filling the speakers with tremendous flavour and giving it a headline festival vibe that would get the crowd going wild at a live event. It also has a cadence similar to Chain Smokers’, yet it stands out on its own, which is refreshing.

You can check out the official video for ‘Funny‘ by The Mad Game below.

Also, you can visit The Mad Game on their official Instagram account here.

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