Eliot Brings The Indie Rock Goods With ‘Look At Me Now’

Eliot is back, and he is bigger and better than ever with his new release, ‘Look At Me Now‘, which sees him team up with pioneering music producer Frank Montoya.

The music is a joy to listen to from the first listen, and it has something for everyone. In addition, the guitars rip through the mix, leaving us dripping from the gullet. The slides transport us to blues-rock paradise, and the musical route is invigorating!

Eliot has a raw edge to his voice that is nearly uncontrollable. In a scene when everything is very polished, he has an underground style that is refreshing! It isn’t a garage recording, though, and it has all the qualities to compete with the most prominent rock singles!

We hear various variations within the structure as the music develops, and the drums ramp up the tempo in the middle section with fist-pumping fills! Also, as the song progresses, the bass guitar becomes more prominent, often popping up but remaining in the background. Although it would have been lovely to hear a bit more bass rattling the speakers, it still does its job admirably!

Eliot’s message is one in which he reflects on his youth and wishes he could return to it with the knowledge he has gathered since then. Many people may relate to this, and who wouldn’t wish to return to their heyday with a more enlightened mindset?

You can click here to listen.

Also, you can visit Eliot on his official Instagram account here.

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