Marije Shines On New Single, ‘Stupid Lie’

Marije is a vibrant pop singer with excitement coursing through her veins, as evidenced by her recent track, ‘Stupid Lie.’ It is a track that gives us all the feel-good boost we need, and it has arrived just at the right time!

The lively song is a dance-pop gem that will appease the ears of people seeking joyous charisma. Marije is assured in her delivery, releasing energising flavour in a seductive direction. Her ability to mix up her vocal approach is refreshing, and her voice oozes passion.

The words, semantically, are a contradiction to the music. In addition, the instrumental is energising and has a strong party foundation. On the other hand, the storey has a lot more weight, representing Marije’s experiences with liars over the last few years. She isn’t pleased with herself for allowing untrustworthy people into her life, and she demands the truth at all times.

Stupid Lie‘ screams originality, with various styles and fusions that make it the one-of-a-kind jewel it is. Furthermore, the cadence has a Latin flavour to it, with a Spanish-sounding rhythm. But, delve more profound, and there is a Jamaican and reggae flavour with a superb steel drum arrangement that comes midway through the piece. Additionally, the track has a modern western vibe, with similarities from Anne-Marie and other huge names who often dominate the UK and US charts.

You can take a listen to ‘Stupid Lie‘ by Marije here.

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