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Thomas Cole and Lizzie Allyn release ‘Fairy Tales’

On their latest pop offering, ‘Fairy Tales,’ Thomas Cole and Lizzie Allyn have enchantment coursing through their veins. With tenancy here, the two mesmerising singers establish that they are a magnificent music pairing.

Fairy Tales‘ is a unique song with a beautiful atmosphere that will transport you to another world. It has all the pop components to be a significant hit in the scene while also tapping into a new niche. Furthermore, Thomas musically explores a dreamlike region, and he emerges from his search with a sparkle!

Thomas Cole’s vocals are stunning. He’s been honing his voice for a few years now, and he sounds incredible on this new single, which showcases his wide range. Similarly, Lizzie Allyn brings a fresh vibe to the forefront of the musical piece. She draws on a variety of musical approaches, including traditional techniques and a memorable rap verse.

Overall, ‘Fairy Tales‘ is what the world requires right now. Furthermore, the entire track is brimming with energy. Also, there isn’t a single moment during the performance when the level of excitement diminishes. In addition, the duo gives the game’s heavy hitters a run for their money and they demonstrate that they are a dream come true collaboration. Will they, however, reunite for future releases? Only time will tell. But, given the fans’ positive response to this release, it will come as no surprise if they collaborate again.

You can take a listen to this new single by Thomas Cole and Lizzie Allyn here.

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