Kenton Place

Kenton Place rock with ‘Done With You’

Kenton Place are on fire with ‘Done With You‘, well, not literally, but the force is undeniable from the start. Furthermore, the American group’s latest release, ‘Done With You‘, is a fresh performance that smashes the ball out of the park.

The tune has a genuine fearless aspect that is difficult to criticise, taking cues from rock icons. It also has an almighty base, which even rock sceptics are sure to enjoy. Is it, however, unique in its own right, or does it stick too close to the status quo? I’d prefer it if it strayed a little further from the generic. It does, however, exude confidence, which I find myself hooked to time and time again.

Laurel Smalley’s voice is like a bright star in the night sky. Furthermore, she begins with an assured performance, and in the chorus, she unleashes the intensity like there’s no tomorrow. For me, the hook is the breadwinner because it embeds itself deep in the mix, and once we’re in, it’s challenging to get out, not that we’d want to anyhow.

As the song proceeds, a diverse spectrum of new sounds emerges at the top of the mix. It makes the track even more interesting, and I like the production option made by their producer here. Where does the band go from here, though? Only time will tell, but I expect more gems like this one to emerge in the coming year.

You can take a listen to this new single here.

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