Spectral Display

Spectral Display release ‘It Burns You When It’s Hot’

With their new single ‘It Burns You When It’s Hot‘, Spectral Display astound. The tune is top-notch, with a flow that carries the listener to a land where only good vibes can be found.

It begins with an electrifying overture at a rapid pace. It has an appealing flavour that enhances itself as it progresses. In addition, vocalist Paul Simon soars to the top of the mix with zeal. His vocals are wonderfully suited to the track, and he rests over the mix with a timeless tone.

Michel Mulders, the band’s composer, and the rest of the band have a lot of passion, and they all stand out. Michel’s top-notch production qualities get the energy flowing, and Paul gives the music a warm ethereal vibe. The well-known producer draws inspiration from some of the greats, highlighting an authentic 1980s sound. On the other hand, Michel does not repeat anything that has gone before. Instead, he uses his discoveries to develop a new approach to synth layering, and while his sounds wouldn’t be out of place in the new wave era, they add a distinct taste to modern electronic pop.

The mix becomes more profound as the song proceeds, culminating in a crescendo that makes the replay button shine. So, is this an indication of what to expect from the group in the new year? Let’s hope so!

You can take a listen to this new single here.

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