Prior The End

Prior The End Stun With ‘Ask Them About Cancer’

Prior The End, the German rock band, have cut past industry boundaries with their new song, ‘Ask Them About Cancer‘, off their new album, ‘Cutting My Roots‘. Furthermore, it’s a track that resonates with everyone who hears it, and there is no reason it can not propel the group up the echelon.

The intro begins with a thundering rhythm as the guitars drive through the speakers without pausing. Also, the tone is thick with grit, and an awe-inspiring vocal bursts out of the mix. It yanks us out of our seats and thrusts us into the realm of Prior The End. The group are competing with some of the greatest names in rock; their fervour can be felt as they move through the tune.

The drums provide a sturdy foundation and contribute to the already ominous atmosphere, which also sit alongside explosive guitar riffs and tense bass tones. As the song develops, the excitement levels rise to new heights in the middle part, with the refrain pounding the chops and reminding us why we should take new artists in the game like Prior The End seriously.

The guitars take on a new lease of life in the concluding part of ‘Ask Them About Cancer‘. Moreover, they soar with a guitar solo that will inspire a new generation of guitarists to pick up the instrument. The song is also one of many highlights from the band’s new album, ‘Cutting My Roots,’ which is out now.

So, wait no longer, you can take a listen to this new single by Prior The End here.

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