Rofi James

Rofi James Smash It With ‘Who Am I To You?’

The Irish indie-pop band Rofi James are crushing it, and their new single, ‘Who Am I To You?‘ is catapulting them up the echelon. It’s a song that discusses the harsh realities of love and the fact that relationships aren’t always a bed of roses, contrary to what many other songs might have you believe.

The dichotomy between the music and the lyrics here stimulates the senses as the band experiments with their music. In addition, the music is generally upbeat, making it challenging to resist bopping to the beat. But, if you look deeper into the wordplay, it becomes clear that this song is about those times when your significant other is flirting with others while ignoring you. Do they do this to foster resentment? Or do they genuinely not care? It’s an answer that the band is eager to find.

The pop juice that makes up ‘Who Am I To You?‘ is also wrapped in edgy elements. Although it is not cheesy pop, this song clearly has pop influences and has a similar sound to the songs at the top of the contemporary chart. The band are also able to separate themselves from competitors in the same field thanks to the unconventional tone of the guitar. Additionally adding weight to the mix is the bass, and the music creates a spotlight for frontman Ronan. His voice is gritty, and he exudes a certain quality that is uncommon in today’s scene.

You can take a listen to ‘Who Am I To You?‘ by Rofi James here.

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