Mr Jayvic

Mr Jayvic Releases ‘Let Love Lead The Way’

Mr Jayvic is a British singer and songwriter who is not showing any signs of falling short of top quality. It is evidenced by the fact that his most recent release, ‘Let Love Lead The Way‘ reaches even greater heights than his previous.

Since the beginning of the summer, many of us have been yearning for the afro-pop groove that is on display here with ‘Let Love Lead the Way‘. It has a transferable quality. An aesthetic that even people who aren’t fans of pop will enjoy, and it gets better each time it explodes out of the speakers.

A sincere narration from Mr Jayvic serves as the introduction to the piece. It is a method many of the greats have used in the past. Also, it helps to firmly establish the message even before the music comes into full flow. It then gets the hips jiving with a beat which rattles the speakers for all the right reasons. Moreover, It synergizes flawlessly with a melodic guitar line and synth arrangement.

We are immersed in the world of Mr Jayvic thanks to the production’s communicable sense of passion, which permeates every aspect of it. He talks openly about letting love take its course and how much he admires his wife, Aisha J. As soon as she takes the microphone in the middle of the last part, Aisha J provides extra depth to the encounter.

You can check it out here.

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