Adam Giles Levy

Adam Giles Levy Prepares Us For New Album With ‘The Fall’

Adam Giles Levy is making a comeback with the release of his newest track, ‘The Fall‘. A track that prepares us for his new album, ‘Wake The Disarray‘, which will be released in November by his record label, Hillside Global.

The Fall‘ is even better than we could have hoped for from Levy. Moreover, Adam, much like he did in his previous single, ‘Wild Earth‘, does not beat around the bush when conveying his message; instead, he gets right to the point, eliminating any possibility of ambiguity in the process. His story focuses on a father who has suffered the tragic loss of his child. He is searching for answers and motivation, and eventually, he realises that he does not have to seek very far to discover one.


Musically, ‘The Fall‘ is a rock-filled earworm with the guitars piling themselves atop striking drum strikes and nail-biting bass riffs. It is an earworm that will stick in your head for days. In the subsequent stages, the music develops further, eventually becoming more vibrant as all of the instruments work their way toward the finish line. Adam cleverly reflects the narrative framework within the musical structure. It creates the impression that everything is in perfect balance with one another.

Overall, a track which we cannot fault. It is slightly different from other songs in the current scene, but that makes it such a gem!

So, wait no longer! You can take a listen to it here.

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