Michael Lukes

Michael Lukes And Savine Bring Us ‘Here And Now’

Michael Lukes, a British-Italian singer-songwriter, is back with new single ‘Here And Now’, which makes a solid first impression. Also, the up-and-coming vocalist Savine contributes a wonderful vocal performance to the new single by the breakout artist.

Here And Now‘, full of raw emotion and pure passion, represents life in various ways. It is a representation of the sensation that we get when we try new things. Also as we explore the world in which we find ourselves. The highlight of the tune is the vocal deliveries, with both Michael and Savine displaying that they have all of the necessary components to become household stars in the indie-folk space.


The guitar rhythm gives the already powerful music even more weight, and it taps into a vibe that bands like The Lumineers have been providing over the course of the past decade. However, Michael has a great deal of respect and appreciation for more than just The Lumineers; his musical inspiration comes from a wide variety of places, including The Beatles. The fact that Michael is able to combine the aspects of music that means the most to him into a sound that is uniquely his own is compelling.

Additionally, Michael has provided us with a music video to accompany the new track. This video helps solidify further the feeling conveyed by the voice and the words. It is a reflection of what we are able to comprehend while listening to the words, and the unrestricted path that Michael has chosen makes it possible for the video to stand out almost as much as it would if it were its own short film.

So, wait no longer! You can take a listen to the new single by Michael Lukes here.

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