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Julia Thomsen And T_Mo Release New EP ‘Senses’

The new EP ‘Senses‘ that Julia Thomsen and T_Mo have released is a blessing for us. It is a three-track album that inverts Julia’s past classical releases and brings an electronic chill atmosphere that taps into a new space.

The work of T_Mo, an up-and-coming producer in the electronic music genre, gives the stunning original version by Julia a fresh appearance. Once it starts with ‘Sea Energise‘, the reprieve begins to put us at ease. He and Julia both have a vision that is heavily affected by the natural splendour of our environment. He subtly reworks the track by adding a relaxing beat and many additional sounds that enhance the tune’s vibe without destroying the original dynamics that Julia first unveiled.


The second track on the EP is ‘Touch‘. It features a stop-start cadence that takes us on a journey before eventually placing us back on our spot. The piano begins to adhere to the tapping beat playing in the background. Then a violin arrangement begins to play that takes oblique cues from classical recordings from a bygone era. The arrangement is mesmerising, and the beat frequently halts in its progression to make way for the piano to lead the way. It is invigorating that Julia and T Mo can let all instruments have space to breathe freely throughout the song.

The last track on the EP is ‘Evoke‘. Even though it does not sound all that dissimilar to the original version, a new charm is audible.

You can take a listen here.

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