The Chewgs

The Chewgs Release New Single ‘Let It Out’

Acoustic duo, The Chewgs fuse various decades from the 1950s to the present day into one hybrid all their own with the release of their new single, ‘Let It Out‘. The Worcestershire-based team smash it out of the park here with this fresh new single, which we cannot overlook.

The song starts on a robust foot. It pulls us into the world of Kev and Gez with a bass riff. Then the music shifts into an acoustic folky universe with a guitar beat that strums with a unique texture. The vocals can be heard quickly emerging from the mix. As soon as they do, they envelop us and provide the much-needed warmth we lack due to these cold wintery days.


It is clear from the very beginning that the subject matter of this song is about following one’s dreams. It also reflects one’s inner feelings and passion for manifesting goals into one’s life. The track becomes more empowering the more you delve into the wordplay, and the vocals portray the feeling that so many people experience daily.

The chorus, in which the two vocalists join their voices together in unison and present their strengths in conjunction with one another, is possibly one of the elements of this song that stands out the most. In addition, one has a more robust lower octave. Meanwhile, the other pushes far higher. He provides the right harmony to fit the track and the music playing in the background.

You can take a listen to ‘Let It Out‘ by The Chewgs, here.

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