Rodney Hazard

Rodney Hazard Surprises With ‘The Man From Nowhere’

Rodney Hazard, a producer based in the United States, has released a new EP, ‘The Man From Nowhere‘, bringing a unique charm to the scene’s forefront. An EP that began to gain traction at the end of 2022, it has continued to build on its popularity.

Rodney’s performance in ‘The Man From Nowhere‘ is a shining example of the golden quality he possesses. In addition, he allows the creative spark that lies inside of him to grow, and the EP that he produces as a result is full of vitality. There is a boundless passion present here, in addition to the numerous styles on exhibit, which rapidly resonates with us.


We enter the world of Rodney, who is not only a record producer but also an owner of a record label, beginning with the song ‘Stardawg‘. The atmosphere is chill, with a slow flow occurring throughout the production and different electronic sounds emerging from it. There is a path that does not follow a predetermined sequence. Moreover, it shifts through various feelings before culminating in the appearance of a female vocal that provides an additional facet to the experience.

One of the most well-known songs from the EP is ‘Rainforest‘, and it claims the spotlight three tracks into the record. It pushes the boundaries even further. Also, with its lovely aesthetic, we can feel ourselves being lifted off the ground and entering utopia. The EP comes to a close with the song ‘TwoWayCall‘. It serves as a fantastic capstone to an adventure that will remain ingrained in our memories for a long time!

You can take a listen to ‘The Man From Nowhere‘ by Rodney Hazard, here.

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