Charmaine Wohlmann

Charmaine Wohlmann Releases New Single ‘Avalanche’

The debut of  ‘Avalanche’ by Charmaine Wohlmann, has brought her to the forefront of the contemporary music scene. The classically trained vocalist, who has spent most of her career performing in the classical genre, takes the lead here!

The fact that it does not follow any of the other trends that are now taking place in the industry is one of the best things about the song ‘Avalanche’. Also, it follows a course of its own, which is evidence that Charmaine is not afraid to challenge herself by stepping outside of her comfort zone. It opens with a country aesthetic that propels the track forward at full throttle from the beginning. After that, Charmaine makes her appearance. She bestows her magic upon us getting right to the heart of the matter in the message.

Internal Impulse

‘Avalanche’ is a metaphor for difficulty, and Charmaine utilises it when she talks about having an internal impulse to push on and leap over the obstacle in front of her. The singer-songwriter smashes through her performance. Also, the music picks up energy, and the track’s structure matches the mood within the lyrics.

A lot is going on in the mix, with synths adding extra weight to the mix, a bass lead being there throughout, and the guitars coming and going to bring different tone qualities to the encounter. Also, the mixing is highly effective; every component has its own spot, and each instrument is crystal clear.

So, ready for ‘Avalanche‘ by Charmaine Wohlmann?, You can take a listen here.

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