Julia Thomsen

Julia Thomsen Explores New Ground With ‘Travelling Through Wonders’

When it comes to composing soothing music, Julia Thomsen is a veteran. Also, on her most recent collaboration, ‘Travelling Through Wonders‘, with sound-design artist and producer Marie, she proves once again that she is a master of the art.

The track ‘Wonderness‘ from Julia’s discography is brought to life by Marie. There is very little information available online about her but she exudes quality. She does it with regal allure. So much so, it is easy to find oneself on a journey away from the hustle and bustle of modern-day life as the piece progresses due to the different sounds that float in the air. The sounds transport us back to nature, and the level of passion that is demonstrated here is difficult to match.


Growing with multi-colour as the composition enters the midpoint, the original version of ‘Wonderness‘ becomes more recognisable, with Julia’s earlier work leaving goosebumps on the back of our necks. It is a rework that is original. Yet, it manages to preserve the essence and feel of the prototype that Julia first produced back in 2022. Also, the work reveals an uncharted territory of opportunities for Julia. She is consistently looking for fresh approaches to bring innovation to her industry, which she demonstrates deftly in this latest offering.

You can take a listen to ‘Travelling Through Wonders’ by Julia Thomsen here.

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