AJ Whyte

AJ Whyte Stuns With ‘Back To The Water’

The newly released single by AJ Whyte is titled ‘Back To The Water‘. A release that addresses the complex realities of being alone and the struggle to find solace in this insane world. The words of AJ ring true as he puts himself in the position of a young man whose goal is to locate his home.

The core of ‘Back To The Water‘ is folk music, but the creative space does not stop there. AJ pulls in numerous other musical forms, and there are also even glimpses of country emerging from the woodwork at moments. The song begins with a guitar riff that moves up and down the scale. It is accompanied by a shaker and a bass line that creates a groove.

Winning Formula

After hearing AJ’s previous track, we anticipated hearing another stripped-down song from him, but this is the opposite. Moreover, AJ invites many other musicians along for the voyage. The presence of additional instruments results in an increase in diversity. To such an extent, AJ may have discovered the winning formula, and his performance leaves us with goosebumps!

AJ is one of those artists who never misses an opportunity to get to the bottom of a moving story and is known for doing so, as exemplified with ‘Back To The Water‘. His narrative is one of the most arresting aspects of the piece; nevertheless, there is still a lot to be said about the music, which is a welcome departure from what we hear elsewhere in the scene today.

You can take a listen to ‘Back To The Water’ here.

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