Gary Mictian

Gary Mictian Releases New Hit ‘I Die Every Night’

The electronic-pop breakout Gary Mictian, who hails from London, has captured our attention with his most recent single, ‘I Die Every Night‘. This track from Gary, who hails from Auckland, has a contemporary vibe. It also serves as further evidence that Gary is on the cusp of establishing himself as a major player in the scene.

Gary’s previous offerings have been impressive, and he is continuing his mission to deliver the very best in electronic and hyper-pop music, and he does not disappoint with this latest offering. In addition, ‘I Die Every Night‘ is overflowing with the kind of chart-topping quality that can make it a hit. The song begins with a synth lead line that builds up rapidly. It also brings Gary’s vocal with it as it rises further and further. He is a proficient singer in his own right, which he capitalises on. But, he also demonstrates his versatility by also producing and creating all of the music on his own.


When it comes to a song of this nature, the refrain is typically where the majority of the song’s memorable moments occur. In addition to this, the noises erupt from the speakers. Also, the infectious melody works its way deep within the core of the listener. The tale that Gary relates is also an example of one that is significant. This song is dedicated to everyone who has ever been burned by a previous love interest. Further, Gary discusses the experience of a romantic relationship ending and coming to the realisation that the other person does not care, which can leave you with the impression that you are the only one who is hurting.

You can take a listen to ‘I Die Every Night’ by Gary Mictian here.

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