Ricki Erik

Ricki Erik Releases New Single ‘Como Te Llamas’

With the release of his new track, ‘Como Te Llamas‘, Ricki Erik has successfully enchanted us. An irresistible track this one that burrows itself deep into the mind to the point where it continues to reverberate there for a significant amount of time after it has ceased playing.

The new song by the singer-songwriter located in the United States is taken from his latest album, ‘Genreality‘. Ricki has proven that he is willing to experiment by breaking out of his comfort zone. Also, he creates a record that features a wide variety of musical styles and vibes. In addition, each song has a distinctive element at its centre, and there are undertones of a variety of musical genres, including blues, pop, reggae, and indie.


Vocally, Ricki is impressive thanks to his smooth yet powerful tones that float above the addictive beats that are sitting below. He sings with intense emotion about love and relationships. Also, the unique moments in life that may make you feel like you’re really living. His lyrics also complement the atmosphere of the music, and on the track ‘Como Te Llamas’, he expresses his longing to be closer to the person he loves and cares about the most.

The song starts out with a spinning synth lead. Moreover, it is this hook that truly reverberates most strongly in our memory. Is it the melody, or rather the unconventional atmosphere that it conjures up? Probably both. It is a Latin drum rhythm that Ricki opts for on this track and it is a wise option, given that it brings a feel-good cadence and a hip jiving movement to the table.

You can take a listen to ‘Como Te Llamas’ by Ricki Erik here.

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