Jejune Get The Groove Underway With ‘Boogie Juice’

Boogie Juice‘ the debut single by Jejune is an impressive introduction to the Leeds-based indie rock band. The track is a perfect blend of funky vibes, indie rock and also pop elements. It results in a feel-good party starter hit. Moreover, the duo have managed to create a unique edge with their music, setting themselves apart from other indie bands currently.

The vocals in ‘Boogie Juice‘ are direct and personal. As a result, it makes the listener feel as if the singer is speaking directly to them. The lyrics are upbeat and speak about the good times, taking us back to those carefree hours spent partying with our friends. Also, the chorus is anthemic and will surely be stuck in your head for days after hearing it. The band’s ability to craft such catchy melodies is a testament to their talent.


Towards the latter stages of the track, Jejune takes a step back, allowing the listener to catch their breath before picking up the tempo again with a huge finale. The instrumentation throughout the song is tight and well-arranged, with each member of the band adding their own unique touch.

Boogie Juice‘ is a strong contender in today’s indie rock scene. Also, Jejune have managed to hit the ground running with this delivery. The track showcases the band’s ability to write infectious melodies, and if ‘Boogie Juice‘ is anything to go by, Jejune are a band to watch out for in the future.

So ready to boogie? You can take a listen to ‘Boogie Juice’ by Jejune here.

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