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Fun and Throwbacks: “In Your Own Sweet Time” by The Fratellis

The Fratellis have returned with a fun, electrifying and wonderfully creative album. In Your Own Sweet Time not only embodies the band’s playful and catchy musical style, but also shows their new experimentations. The album also has a retro party feel, making it the perfect album to lift your spirits and rock on! 🙂

“Stand Up Tragedy” makes a merry marriage of pop and indie, resulting in an infectious track that you can’t help but dance along to! Also, Jon Fratelli’s voice is exquisite in this album – his falsetto vocals in this track make it very addictive!

Let’s do the time warp again: The retro feel of In Your Own Sweet Time 

Some of the tracks have some beautiful throwback qualities which really displays the band’s musical depth.  The energetic and sweet retelling of Romeo & Juliet in “Starcrossed Losers” makes for a lovely listen.


Jon Fratelli
Jon Fratelli performing with the band at Shepherds Bush Empire, London in 2013.

On the other hand, “Sugartown” is a great love song with an adorable, retro 50’s feel. We get a cheeky throwback to classic American rock with “Told You So” and the loud “Advaita Shuffle”, with its gritty guitar riffs and vocals. The band then go full electronic and disco in “The Next Time We Wed” with their use of synths, yo-yo vocals and hip dance beat.  “Indestructible” has a groovy funk feel at times (with its use of the saxophone) – and you have to rate The Fratellis for at least experimenting with funk rhythms and saxophone solos with alternative rock music!


The album ends with the 7-minute epic “I Am That”, and this atmospheric track beautifully closes the album with a slow, hypnotic feel.

Overall verdict?

The Fratellis 2013 Shepherds Bush Empire
The Fratellis performing at Shepherds Bush Empire, London in 2013.

The fun and melodic mix of pop, rock and retro throwbacks makes this album very infectious! It all makes you feel great, and the experimental explorations taken by the band have worked wonderfully. The Fratellis have proved their depth and playful versatility when it comes to alternative rock time and time again, and this time is definitely no exception. Now I can’t get these songs out of my head…

From Sophia with Love x

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