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Morgana Quasar release vibrant rock LP ‘We +’

After taking a break from music, ex-band mates Malcolm E. Scott and Patrick G reunited to form the band Morgana Quasar. With a mission to channel their frustration at the world into music, their new album We + is a spirited and impassioned cry for us all to unite and help solve society’s many injustices.

Morgana Quasar: An introduction

Malcolm E. Scott and Patrick G met while playing in 80’s soul and counter-culture band Buddy Curtiss and the Grasshoppers, and they both went on to have successful careers as session musicians and band members in other projects. While part of the band, the duo worked and toured with major bands, including New Order and Bronski Beat. After a few years of travelling the world and songwriting, they decided to go their separate ways.

After finding out they both lived in Brighton years later, they reunited and decided to form Morgana Quasar. We + is their new venture’s debut LP, which is both a musical whirlwind through the alternative rock of the 80’s and a proponent of the following message: where society falls short, humanity prevails. Outside of music, both musicians have a passion for helping those in need. Patrick is an avid campaigner for the homeless and those struggling with addiction, while Malcolm is a clinical psychotherapist. With both of them at the helm of the songwriting, their passions come across very warmly in their music.

We +

Inspired by their favourite alternative artists such as David Bowie, Roxy Music, Tears for Fears, The Beatles and The Tubes, We + is a tribute to the history of alternative music and counterculture in Britain. While pinpointing society’s problems and the darker spaces this could lead us to, it also shows us where we can find solace, joy and our life’s purpose. The soundscape of We + is full and exuberant. The album was recorded and mixed at Malcolm’s home, with the help of musicians Steve Lockwood (bass), Graham Kearns (guitars), Miles Simpson (keys), Stanley Scott (keys), Alex Scott and Dominique Scott (lead and backing vocals).

Firstly, ‘Piss Tsunami’ and ‘I Wanna Be The Power’ are spirited commentaries on the realities of political and corporate corruption. ‘Piss Tsunami’ – which, as a phrase, could be aptly used to describe anything that’s inherently rotten – kicks off the album with a fun energy that would sit nicely on a recent album by The Vaccines, with distorted guitar riffs and a catchy chorus. On the other hand, in ‘I Wanna Be The Power’ the duo channel their energy into electronic vocals that are very poetic. This leaves room for the guitar solos to shine.

Then, ‘Morgana Quasar’ focuses on the ills of consumerism and climate change denial. It glistens with its Bowie-esque vocals, strong synths and catchy electronic pop hooks. Featuring a protagonist that is shopping themselves to death and wants to leave very little to future generations, it has a strong sci-fi and dystopian feel to it.

As a musical departure, ‘In the Morning’ is  an introspective indie lullaby that one could mistaken for a 90’s hit. It is a look back at a life lived badly, so the protagonist is looking to start afresh, possibly achieve fame and hold onto those he loves (for once). The acoustic guitar rolls through the track like a travelling car, echoing the feel of adventure. Then, with ‘Hush Child’, Morgana Quasar bring the tempo down entirely and introduce lovely piano melodies. It is a lovely track for a sunny, hazy Sunday.

Following on from the warmth of ‘Hush Child’, ‘Listen to Your Heart’ is an exuberant anthem about finding love and then dealing with the eventual loss. It is a tribute to the sensitivity of the heart and how we should listen, even when it leads to pain. Alex Scott and Dominique Scott had vocals to this track, making this a lovely vocal partnership. ‘Elusive Sound of Summer’ then takes us to the seaside and the attractive allure of romance, with its delicate synths and acoustic guitar melodies. The warmth really shines through here, especially with the choir-style vocals and strings. With love still on the agenda, ‘Prime Time’ takes a more avant-garde approach with a darker soundscape and electronic-fuelled, haunting vocals.

Finally, ‘Silent People’ is a lovely mix of synths, layered, choir-like vocals and rushing drum riffs. It is a lovely combination of the album’s soul: social commentary, synths, irresistible charm and unfiltered energy.

To conclude…

In summary, We + blends powerful social commentary with messages of love, acceptance and compassion. It hopes for a better world, where we can distance ourselves from the physical manifestations of greed, denial and selfishness. Musically, it is a warm exploration of alternative music’s charm in the UK.

You can listen to We + below on Spotify via this link.

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