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Inland Murmur release sunny single ‘Icarus’

London-based indie band Inland Murmur have released their brand new single ‘Icarus’. Out today, the new track is a nostalgic, ambient and catchy tune set at the closure of summer. As the band watch the sun rise and set, the delightfully warm guitar riffs soar through the track. The music absorbs the lyrics’ thoughts and emotions, as the protagonist wonders what the future holds. Vocally, frontman Toby Llewellyn is appropiately fuzzy and energetic, acting as a wonderful accompaniment to the changes of pace.

Furthermore, Inland Murmur are excellent at placing the emotions and experiences of their surroundings into their sound. On the one hand, two members of the band are inspired by their upbringing in rural South Wales, which will be the root of their music’s occasional folk tones and melodies. On the other hand, this works really well with the musical inspiration brought by living in London, which provides their library with a contemporary edge and an upbeat energy. Therefore, in ‘Icarus’, both areas and experiences mingle to create a well-rounded and irresistable sound that is as unique as it is unversal.

Although we can’t spend as much time outside as we usually would, a sunny song like ‘Icarus’ is a welcome and delightful track to fly through spring with!

You can follow Inland Murmur on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. And check out ‘Icarus’ by the band below!

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