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After Elmer tackle work dilemmas in new single

Rotterdam pop punks After Elmer have released the title track of their debut EP Look Alive. The new single and EP follow their previous singles ‘Locked Door’ and ‘Sorry For The Revolution’.

‘Look Alive’ tackles the sudden transition from studying to working 9 to 5. ‘Look Alive’ roars with its sprinting guitar riffs and catchy chorus, full of energy, emotion and analysis of a vital question we all answer when we enter the world of work. At a time when many of us are debating a return to the office, ‘Look Alive’ is a fun look at the office life and the thought of work’s alternative paths.

The entertaining music video is also a joy. It shows each member of the band applying for the same job: one is a biker, one is a gym enthusiast and the other is a geek. Then, when the lead singer Jaap takes the job, he begins to think about the common dilemma. Do I opt for financial security in a job I’m not passionate about, or do I go for what I love with a very slim chance of success?

After Elmer have released this charming single along with their energetic, spirited and insightful EP. As an exploration of growing up, the world of work and the joy of friendship, the band’s proficiency in addictive pop punk will make the new record a joyous listen. The band have come a long way since 2018, and I hope you’ll enjoy Look Alive as much as I did.

Look Alive is out now and you can check it out here.

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