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Album Review: “Indigo” by Wild Nothing

On 31st August, Wild Nothing released their fourth studio album, Indigo. Having explored both indie rock and dream pop, Wild Nothing’s new release distinctively resides within the latter. Much like Death Cab for Cutie’s Thank You for Today, Indigo is gentle and dreamy. Yet, there’s more: this album has more of a fun 80’s new wave vibe.

Letting Go’s gentle (and sometimes random) synthesiser riffs make it a lovely opener. It is a song of escape – namely, escaping the madness and disconnection with one’s own world, followed by a desire to connect with a new kind of power. The album’s lyrics sometimes disappoint, but the album’s strengths lie with its music. Oscillation begins with stunning acoustic guitar rhythms which really lift the track. Like Letting Go, this track is concerned with the power of memory to move bodies through numerous motions and emotions. In this way, these motions are very free and hopeful. Jack Tatum’s vocals are particularly dreamy here too. In addition to this, the strings beautifully hold their own and give the track a harmonious feel.

The 80s throwback Partners in Motion (a song about an obsessive past lover) particularly shines. Here, Tatum is on the outside looking in. The track’s dynamic guitar and reverberated vocal effects really help to create that appealing and fun vintage sound. Not only that, but the brass solos and groovy bass additions also help to give the track more depth. It is definitely one of the album’s highlights. The sax continues in Through Nothing, which is another highlight from the album. It is easily enjoyable with its catchy music and euphoric love storyline. This love narrative continues in the soul and funk-esque Flawed Translation. The keyboard melodies accompany the track’s storyline beautifully: dancing with someone you love and having a bloody good time doing it.

Wild Nothing's Jack Tatum performing at the Governors Ball Music Festival, New York in 2013
Wild Nothing’s Jack Tatum performing at the Governors Ball Music Festival, New York in 2013

Final Verdict?

Due to the album’s lavishly post-production, at times the album can come off as overproduced and *too* pristine. Sadly, this does take away some of the magic found on their earlier records. Yes, there isn’t anything practically challenging or “slow-burning” about the album or lyrics, but its music is still relaxing and comforting. Indigo shines as an 80’s throwback with some nice reflections on memory, love, and dreams. If you can’t get with the mood and lyrics, then at least the 80’s new wave exploration is enjoyable, adding some fun and vintage romance to the record.

Picks: Oscillation, Partners in Motion, and Through Nothing.

Enjoy Partners in Motion below:

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