The FSWL Playlist Issue 4

The FSWL Playlist: Issue 4

Welcome to Issue 4 of The FSWL Playlist – bringing you some of the best new music around. This time round, I have included new releases by Richard Ashcroft, Beachtape, The Fratellis, Paul Simon and Lenny Kravitz. Let’s get started with the music then!

“Surprised By The Joy” by Richard Ashcroft

Surprised by the Joy by Richard Ashcroft

Richard Ashcroft is back with a new single from his upcoming album, Natural Rebel. Surprised By The Joy is so upbeat, infectious, and surprisingly happy. It is the rocker’s ultimate comeback song really, with Richard on top form with that iconic, rustic voice we know and love. In addition to this, the acoustic guitar riffs and strings really help to bring the track’s joy to life. Natural Rebel is scheduled to release on October 19th. I cannot wait!

“Fix It Up” by Beachtape

Beachtape Fix It Up

A year after the release of their debut EP Hold Music, Beachtape have released a single from their upcoming double A-Side release. Fix It Up presents melodic indie rock from the Brighton quartet, with its velvety vocals and breezy guitar riffs. It certainly is a great chill-out track. The double A-Side record will be released on the 14th September, with Figure It Out being its second track. Keep an eye out on Beachtape’s Bandcamp page for its release.

“Let’s Go!” by The Fratellis

Let's Go The Fratellis

The Fratellis’ recent release included three bonus tracks linking to their last album, In Your Own Sweet Time. In contrast to the other two, which are acoustic versions of ‘Stand Up Tragedy’ and ‘Laughing Gas,’ Let’s Go! is a rousing, reverberated, and loud track. Frontman Jon Fratelli is still on top form with the vocals on this track too. Moreover, the drums are striking, and the guitar riffs are yelling. It has a lot of energy – which is perfect for a track telling you to get a move on. Check out The Fratellis’ Let’s Go! here.

“Darling Lorraine” by Paul Simon

Paul Simon In The Blue Light

On September 7th Paul Simon released his 14th solo album, In The Blue Light. The album sees Paul reworking various songs which either didn’t make the cut or had the potential to sound better with a fresh recording. On the new album, Paul Simon’s vocals are as heartfelt and harmonious as always. His music always manages to fit particularly well in my study playlist!

Originally featured on his 10th solo album You’re The One, Darling Lorraine is my favourite track on the legend’s new album. As dreamy as the music may be, the plot is pretty unfortunate. As a plot about disappointment and divorce, Paul Simon sings through the narrative’s heartbreak and disaster wholeheartedly. The resulting melodies are beautiful and really grab your attention. Paul Simon is ending his touring days, but he is still shining! Check out Darling Lorraine here.

“Johnny Cash” by Lenny Kravitz

Lenny Kravtiz Raise Vibration

From one return to another. Rocker Lenny Kravitz is back with his new album, Raise Vibration. Considering his admission that he had dreamt most of the album, Lenny went through a very personal and reflective journey to create his 11th studio album – and it clearly shows in how intimate it is. The melodic Johnny Cash is inspired by a personal story: when Johnny Cash himself comforted him after the passing of his mother. With Lenny playing virtually every instrument on the album, the beautiful interplay between the acoustic guitar and piano really helps to bring this intimate story to life. Check out Johnny Cash here.

Hope you enjoyed Issue 4 of The FSWL Playlist! Now let’s enjoy my favourite, which has to be Richard Ashcroft’s “Surprised By The Joy”! In the music video, Ashcroft is shown having a jolly good time – just as he should be!

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From Sophia with Love x

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