Liz Lawrence

Liz Lawrence releases ‘USP’ – a great new single

Now taking a break from her time as part of the electro-pop duo Cash + David and her work with Bombay Bicycle Club, singer-songwriter Liz Lawrence is treating 2019 with plenty of new music. Last month, after releasing the vibrant ‘Navigator, the artist announced that her new album will be out later this year – her first since 2012 debut LP Bedroom Hero. It has the name Pity Party, and it’s set to be all kinds of wonderful. Since then, Liz Lawrence also set free ‘None of My Friends’. Now, we also have ‘USP’.

‘USP’ shines with its bouncy guitar riffs and pop hooks, nicely zooming you down the open road with its crispness. Along with the lovely instrumental interludes, the track’s bassline takes just enough turns to keep you grooving. Moreover, Liz Lawrence’s swaggering and effortless demeanor beams throughout the track. Thus, ‘USP’ is a great track for when you want a easy yet well-crafted guitar song to listen to.

Pity Party is out on 25th October via Second Breakfast. Click here to pre-order the forthcoming album.

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