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Lexytron explores love and loss in “Something Blue”

Lexytron is a Manchester-born musician with Greek and Persian roots. She is now based in Auckland, New Zealand, and has recently released her debut album Something Blue. The album, in her words, is “an alternative girl’s guide to love, loss and lust”.

The making of Something Blue

Lexytron’s new record was recorded in London with Manchester’s Mike Grice (City Reign) and mastered by London-based producer Marco Meloni. In its personal explorations, Something Blue crosses genres, going from flirting with rock ‘n’ roll and pop to classical music and folk. It features roaring riffs, lush string arrangements and angelic choral arrangements, all within the structure of a pop record. In other words, it awakens the senses from beginning to end.

Where Lexytron rocks

The album begins with the rocktastic ‘Blackmail’, a rebellious and fustrated punk anthem about being at odds with your partner. Lexytron’s determination to get through to her partner and triumph is propelled by the big chrouses and rustic guitar riffs. Subsequent track ‘I’m Not a Disco’ shines with its sass and confidence as the protagonist decides to leave her partner and leave behind the ensuing rubble. Its chorus is also thrilling and fiery – very apt for a dramatic moment.

Then, ‘Couples’ almost seems like the aftermath of ‘I’m Not a Disco’, which follows Lexytron’s inner monologue. Here, she has becomed dissullioned after seeing so many happy couples around her. And we’ve all been there! The honest thoughts also work wonderfully well with the exotic instrumentation and its Mediterranean feel, giving the track a real bounce to her wandering.

On the other hand, although ‘Blue’ also shines with its waves of roaring guitar riffs, it defintiely has a wholesome love and harmony at its heart. As the album’s love song, it stands out with its strikingly raw portrayal of love and loss. Along the waves of rolling drums, Lexytron’s vocals are vulnerable and beautifully melodic. The music video was filmed at Lake Pukaki in New Zealand.

‘Intermittent’ acts as a suitable half-way checkpoint with its pop punk and accessible feel. Following track ‘21.5’ is also stands as a great pop anthem with its energetic choruses and musings on being 21.

The experimental second half of Something Blue

Then, the rest of the album beautifully shows Lexytron’s experimentation. ‘The Veil of Veronica’ symbolises a complete shift, leading instead with piano melodies along with Lexytron’s mellow harmonies and choir backing vocals. The fantasy-led wanderings of ‘In the Box’ even has a Persian feel in places. And then the album closes with ‘Gypsy Blues’, standing out wth its Gypsy instuments, brass interludes and phonetic lyrics.

Final verdict?

So, with Something Blue, Lexytron takes you on a young woman’s journey through love and life. However, this goes far beyond just different experiences. The album is a musical whirlwind that is just as genre-bending as it is grounded. You finish the album feeling beyond satisfied, having all of your senses awakened and your heart filled.

Something Blue is an absolute delight both filled with joy and heartfelt vulnerability. I am looking forward to see what else Lexytron has in store, and I hope you enjoy the album as much as I do!

Lexytron indie alternative rock pop greek persian new music something blue vinyl

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