Lucky Iris We Should Have Stayed At Home

Lucky Iris take us on a night out in new EP

Lucky Iris are an alt-pop duo from Leeds. While adding their own personal piece to the vibrant picture of contemporary electronic pop, the band have garnered attention with their slick brand of electro-acoustic music. At the end of April, Lucky Iris released their debut EP Turns Out We Should Have Stayed at Home. And while this seems so appropiate right now, the EP applies the message to an experience many of us have also had before: going on a mediocre night out and realising you should have just stayed at home instead. And I have certainly had these thoughts before – you’re at the club and all you can think of is sitting at home in your pyjamas eating chips.

In the duo’s debut EP, we join them on a night out – joys and worries included. With its delicate electronic hooks and dreamy irresistability, Turns Out We Should Have Stayed At Home would especially delight fans of Oh Wonder, Alt-J, Adele, Celeste, the xx and Shura. With its rolling keys and twinkling electronic hooks, ‘Get Ready with Me’ hops from a giddy nature to one of deep reflective about the self, before descending into an irresistable dance number. Then, ‘Take 5 (Why Can’t You See Me?)’ shows a change of gear – exploring the pain of feeling invisible to someone you care about. This scaled-down track leaves the bubbly hooks behind and instead focuses on its emotional vocals to lead the way.

However, the alt pop hooks soon return in ‘Glitter Vision’ – taking us to the dancefloor experience and the many interactions we have on a night out. Here, the drums are punchier and the resistance to personal touch is stronger. To close the EP, ‘I Fell Backwards’ is a powerful lullaby about when we really feel alone.

In sum, Turns Out We Should Have Stayed At Home is an electro-acoustic delight which provides comfort to us all. The thoughts and feelings are universal, but the instrumentation is both refreshing and tantalising.

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Lucky Iris

Lucky Iris


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