MY-HI digital depression new single

MY-HI release ‘Digital Depression’ single

Brighton alternative rock band MY-HI have released their new single ‘Digital Depression’. The new release is a timely commentary on the domination of the digital in our lives.

In 2016, MY-HI formed while studying at university. And despite the single being written a few years ago, the messages of ‘Digital Depression’ are more poignant than ever. “There is so much time wasted gawping at our phones and staring at screens which is so deeply linked to depression and anxiety, especially that seen in younger people”, revealed Dan, the band’s frontman. “We wanted the song to encapsulate how it feels to be sat scrolling lazily for endless hours in an addicted manner, contrasted with a prominent reminder to remain in the real world and strive to be positive.” I think we can all agree that this struggle is very relatable. At a time where digital communication is becoming the only option through which we’re able to stay in touch with others, it is difficult to not be conscious of this big shift.

Musically, ‘Digital Depression’ is multi-faceted and effortless. The guitar riffs are a sublime combination of warm, melodic riffs and a gritty, more aggressive sound. Moreover, spirit and passion anchor Dan’s soaring vocals, offering opportunity to deeply reflect on the digital society and its not-so-glamourous consequences. The instrumental progression of the track is also enticing, going from a lo-fi, alternative rock track into an epic crashendo in its last quarter. In sum, ‘Digital Depression’ is a timely and invigorating single from the Brighton trio.

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Artist Mol Byers designed the stunning single artwork for ‘Digital Depression’. To check out more of her artwork, click here.

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